The Starline Factory is located in Harvard, IL 15 minutes south of the Wisconsin border.

The "Starline", as the locals call, us is a mecca for weddings, events, art, food, and history. The building was in ruins in the 1990's when the vision was cast to renovate this building into what it has become today. Words fail  to describe the grandeur of the building as you walk into 300 W. Front Street.































Weddings and Events

We provide a full service venue for weddings and events with multiple rooms and large guest capacities. We are an ideal setting for many occasions. Head over to the events page to see what dates we have open and the different rooms that we offer.






















The Starline Factory is home to many artists and galleries. Look at the Gallery Happenings to find out what is happening around the Starline.  Please keep in mind that the Gallery is not open to the public outside of scheduled events. If you would like to come and take a look at a specific studio please contact the artist on the Art Studios page.





















The Stanchion pub is our on-site restaurant that is open currently three days a week. Head over to the Stanchion Pub Page to find out what is going on!  Come enjoy some great food and experience part of the historic Starline.
























"If the walls could talk," is one of the phrases that you will hear often around the building. There is something that is energizing about this place. Come and read the history and see the transformation into what it was as a factory to the building it is today. Head over to the Story of Starline page to read more about this building.


Hello and Welcome!

The Starline Factory can entertain from 25 to 550 people comfortably.

Open Drawing Nights with MBZ Studio

Photography Workshops with Nancy Merkling

Encaustic Workshops with

Carol Hamilton

Thank you for visiting us on the web! We are glad that you are here looking for more information about our services and events here at this fantastic building. Please scroll down to see what we offer. If you have any questions please call 815 943 4805 or send an email to us on the contact page.
We still have open dates in 2016.

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Harvard, Illinois 60033


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