If these walls could talk!


In 1883 Henry Ferris invented and patented the hay carrier. Charles Hunt, and his father in-law Nathan Helm, suggested Ferris move his shop into the basement of their hardware store in Harvard, Illinois. Soon they were selling the hay carrier in the store along with their other merchandise. And so, the Hunt, Helm & Ferris business began.


Through the years they manufactured more than 50 products and acquired more than 250 patents on equipment designed to streamline farm work.



More than a decade ago, Orrin Kinney rescued the building from demolition. Through Kinney's vision to restore and re-purpose the old factory inspires a sense of awe, and creative possibilities. Kinney took a seemingly useless space and created an amazing niche for pioneering artists to establish their studios. Soon after the restoration began, art shows were being held inviting the community and beyond to experience the magnificence of the Starline Factory and its artists.


Today, the building has become a destination location for artists, art enthusiasts, and those seeking to host their special event in a unique setting.

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