The Helm Room

Our Space . . . Your Way

The Helm Room is available for parties with a minimum of 100 guests and can comfortably hold up to 180. The rental space includes its own private entrance and parking lot. The private in-room bridal suite is one of our most spacious, with 12-foot ceilings, large curtain lined windows, four mirrored vanities, and a separate lounge seating area.

What makes The Helm Room different is that it shares a wall of windows with the building’s original boiler room. This allows guests to peer into what has now been converted to an atrium style greenhouse which is as unique as it is beautiful!

As you look around the room you will see touches of antique factory equipment, and elements of the building’s original infrastructure. The rooms large ivy framed windows provide a rail side view and a wash of daylight that brings out the character of the exposed brick walls, and original hardwood floors. The industrial elegance of The Helm is truly brought to life at night. With just the flick of a switch thousands of café string lights are illuminated like the stars against the night sky!